Carnival in the Aosta Valley

Carnival in the Aosta Valley

February is just around the corner and the Aosta Valley is preparing for its Carnival

The tradition is very much felt in the region, which, for the entire month of February, will come alive with various festivities and events in all its municipalities.

There are many different events, ranging from tradition to history and folklore.

If you are planning to visit any of them, just pick a date and finding a festive municipality will certainly not be a problem. If, on the other hand, you need to clear your head, here are some suggestions. =)

The Cumba Freida Carnival

This is a collective celebration that will animate several municipalities in the region with animation, costumes and folklore throughout the month.

Its name evokes winter, 'cold valley', and the occasion recalls Napoleon Bonaparte's passage across the Gran San Bernardo Pass in May 1800, during the Italian campaign.

Inevitable in every Cumba Freira Carnival is the traditional disguise of the landzette, a costume that evokes Napoleon's uniforms.

But there is also a different version of the facts. Legends say, in fact, that the occasion originated in memory of the marriage between two humble village elders, during which the inhabitants, embarrassed by the circumstances, all decided to dress up to defuse the tension.

Whatever the actual origin of this tradition, it is certainly an event not to be missed.


The Pont Saint Martin Carnival

From 16 to 22 February, it will be the turn of the historical carnival of Pont-Saint-Martin.

The event has a strong link with history and during Carnival in the village, it will be possible to meet Saint Martin, Roman Consuls, Tribunes of the Plebe, Salassi or the Nymph Lys with her handmaidens.

I advise you not to miss the spectacular parade of floats and the characteristic chariot race in which floats representing each 'Insula' or district will parade. The event will be held on 20 February.



After that, from 18 February to 3 March, Carnival will move to the village of Verrès. Here too, the celebration is very special, as usual, in fact, it will be an opportunity to relive the arrival in the village of Caterina di Challant, and her husband Pierre d'Introd, amidst singing and dancing. Caterina's arrival dates back to 1450, and it was a real celebration, as it has continued to be despite the passing of the centuries.

There will be no shortage of historical events including costume parades, events in the castle, and the customary homage to the citizens' manifesto of intentions that will be recited during the festivities: 'Vive Introd et Madame de Challant'!


The Carnival of the little ones

This is a very special Carnival. Every year, in the commune of Saint-Vincent, a municipal council is elected from among the town's children for a week, headed by its little mayor.

During these seven days in the municipality, it will be a real party and various events and entertainment will be held in honour of the children; the celebrations will begin on 12 February.

The Carnival of the Little Ones is also proposed annually in the city of Aosta, where no little mayor or little councillors will be appointed but will have several moments dedicated to its little inhabitants, the event this year will be held on 20 February.