01 May 2023

The castles in Aosta Valley

I Castello di Fénis I Castel Savoia I Castello di Issogne I Castello di Verrès I Castello Reale di Sarre I Castello di Aymavilles I Castello Gamba I Castello di Saint-Pierre I Castello Sarriod de la Tour I Forte di Bard

14 July 2022

Prehistory in Aosta

The Megalithic Area of Saint-Martin-de-Corléans is one of the most intresting monuments of Valle d'Aosta. From 5th millennium BC to the Middle Ages.

06 February 2022

Fenis Castle I Aosta Valley I Guided Tour

A visit to this magnificient castle gives a better understanding of its link with the surrounding area. The pictorial decoration from the beginning of the 15th century was commissioned from the representative of international Gothic Giacomo Jacquerio.

18 January 2022

Castel Savoia in Gressoney-Saint-Jean

The twentieth-century residence of Queen Margaret of Savoy in Belvedere in Gressoney-Saint-Jean.

12 January 2022

The Castle of Aymavilles

Aymavilles castle - guided tour - Its appearance is unmistakable with eighteenth-century façade and fifteenth-century towers.