Hanna Zacharczyk

My name is Hanna Zacharczyk, I am an official tour guide for the Aosta Valley region. I conduct guided tours in Italian, German, English and Polish.

I have Italian citizenship but I am Polish by origin. I have lived in the Valley for a many years. 

I relate to visitors about this marvellous area in my own way, trying to make them feel the same emotions as I do, bringing them closer to the past of a place which for centuries has been a crossroads of culture and trade. I live about ten meters away from Forum Romanun of the ancient city of Augusta Praetoria the Criptoportico Forense,  it is one of the most spectacular Roman constructions I've ever seen in the epic panorama of the Aosta Alpine peaks. 

A guided tour should not be a lesson. I like to explain to people what they see, giving them information about the past and the present.

I also do commercial translations and for this reason I applied for registration in the List of Surveyors and Experts at the Valdostan Chamber of Enterprises and Professions, which was accepted in January 2022.