Discover the Wine and Cheese Tasting Tour in Aosta

If you're a food and wine lover, a tasting tour in Aosta is a must-do experience. Our tour offers a unique opportunity to taste some of the best local wines and foods, while enjoying the stunning scenery of the Aosta Valley.

Why not? It is definitely an added value! 🙂 🙂

If you are curious about the local cuisine, I will be happy to guide you through the culinary traditions of the region.

The cuisine of Valle d'Aosta is deeply rooted in the history and the land of this region.

In fact, it is mainly based on local ingredients and animal products, with meat and dairy products coming exclusively from local livestock. We recommend Fontina cheese and Arnad lard, two real delicacies!

They are accompanied by rye bread or corn polenta, a widespread cereal with many properties.

If you are a wine lover, you will not be disappointed. The local wine industry boasts a great variety of vines and wines, mainly red, which are excellent with meat and cheese.

Dulcis in Fundo is the vast production of grappa, which is produced in many varieties, exploiting the peculiarities of the territory, all to be tasted.

Do not hesitate to contact me and together we will plan a food and wine tour that will make your visit even more special!

You will get a regular invoice for a guided tour and another invoice for a cheese and ham tasting that will be payed on spot.

Guided Tour - Discover the Wine and Cheese Tasting Tour in Aosta

Looking for a wine and cheese tasting tour in Aosta? My tour combines two things culture and food.