Hanna Zacharczyk Tour guide in Valle d'Aosta


Hanna Zacharczyk Tour guide in Valle d'Aosta



Hanna Zacharczyk Tour guide in Valle d'Aosta



Discover enchanted castles and the ancient city of Aosta.

Tailor-made itineraries in addition to the classic ones, from the guided tour of Roman Aosta, Medieval Aosta to that of Issogne Castle, rather than that of Aymavilles Castle, the Megalithic Area of Saint-Martin-de-Corléans or the Great Saint Bernard Pass, both for individuals and for families and groups, to discover the culture, history and traditions of a unique territory.

An authorized tourist guide who knows the Aosta Valley will enable you to discover the Valley from prehistory to the present day.

Because every visit is different and unique.

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Guided Tours


Cryptoporticus and Cathedral

Guided tour of the Forensic Cryptoporticus and the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta and San Giovanni Battista.


Aosta Guided Tour

Lets explore together the ancient city of Aosta - former Augusta Praetoria Salassorum


Fenis Castle in Aosta Valley

Discover most known medieval castle of Aosta Valley. Explore the history of Challant family.


Issogne Castle Guided Tour

Guided tour of Issogne Castle. One of the most important castles belonging to the Challant family. Tickets, opening hours.


Great Saint Bernard Pass

A thousand-year-old Great Saint Bernard hospice was already used by pilgrims travelling along the Via Francigena. The pass had been crossed by several travellers including Napoleon Bonaparte and the barry dogs lent them help when needed.


Verres Castle Guided Tour

The one-piece fortified military castle. It was owned by the noble Challant family.

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Prehistory in Aosta

The Megalithic Area of Saint-Martin-de-Corléans is one of the most intresting monuments of Valle d'Aosta. From 5th millennium BC to the Middle Ages.

Fenis Castle I Aosta Valley I Guided Tour

A visit to this magnificient castle gives a better understanding of its link with the surrounding area. The pictorial decoration from the beginning of the 15th century was commissioned from the representative of international Gothic Giacomo Jacquerio.

Valle d'AostaA thousand-year history preserved among the highest peaks in Europe


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Guided tours

Guided tours are offered on the website to get to know the territory of the autonomous region of Valle d'Aosta together.

Guided tours can be booked and paid for on the website, their duration and language are variable.

To book a guided tour, write to


The tours will be conducted in accordance with the Covid-19 anti-contage rules.

Private Tours

Private tours with itineraries tailored to the client's needs and interests.

Visits can be made every day on request.

The request for a private tour will be examined by the tour guide.

For information write to: info@guide-aostavalley.com

Tours for schools

Tours for school

For the primary and secondary schools throughout the Aosta Valley.

Starting with prehistory, discovering the Roman period and playing with the Middle Ages.

For information write to: