From Ancient Ruins to Modern Marvels: city tour of Aosta


Situated in the heart of the Valle d'Aosta, the city of Aosta has a lot to offer.

It is not difficult to understand why the Emperor Octavian Augustus decided to found the city in 25 B.C., immediately recognising its strategic potential: an important commercial centre that also proved invaluable for military operations and all forms of contact with the nearby Gallic and Helvetic provinces.

For these reasons, the ancient colony of Augusta Prætoria quickly established itself as a symbol of the Empire and its values on this side of the north-western Alpine chain. A small but rich and dynamic centre of soldiers and merchants, Aosta has been able to link its name over the centuries to an extraordinary territory, a vehicle for people, products and cultures that have found in these mountains a valid transit route or a safe refuge, as the case may be.

Walking through the streets of Aosta today can evoke many emotions. This unexpected "Rome of the Alps", a bi-millennial crossroads of roads and peoples, still knows how to surprise with the grandeur of its past.

From the majestic Roman Theatre to the towering medieval towers, every corner of Aosta tells a story of its past. Here, time seems to stand still as you wander through the cobbled streets and admire the intricate details of the ancient structures.

But it is within its walls that Aosta is at its best! The city knows how to carry its almost 2,000 years (which it will complete in 2025) with pride, and it also knows how to tell them to those who want to get to know it better.

From the Roman Bridge to the Arch of Augustus, from the Porta Prætoria to the Roman Theatre, from the remains of the Forum with its precious Cryptoporticus to the almost completely preserved Roman walls, this city surprises and delights, proud of its ancient jewels of eternal beauty.


The combined ticket includes access to the MAR, the Cryptoporticus, the Early Christian Basilica of San Lorenzo. 

5€, 3€ (19-25 years old), free under 18

The Roman Theater is closed until May 2025. 

Guided Tour - From Ancient Ruins to Modern Marvels: city tour of Aosta

From Roman ruins to medieval churches, there's so much to see!